1.) D7.11 - Final brochure
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2.) Video Clip on Public Space - Accessibility and Citizenship
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3.) Video Clip on Walking Busses - Haute Savoie, France
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4.) Invitation to final conference & training

Key Objectives

The key objectives of Active Access were to:

  • Reduce energy consumption by 10-20% in the activities carried out as part of the project
  • Save energy in the order of 6.5 million litres of fuel
  • Improve health & tackle obesity by increasing those taking regular exercise in target populations by 10%
  • Strengthen local economies by making residents aware of the local facilities

The project also aimed to raise awareness and provide know-how regarding promoting walking and cycling to Active Access partners, key stakeholders and the European Union, especially new member states. A common strategy was established between transport and health related activities based on the idea of active travel.

To ensure longevity of the message of Active Access the project aimed to:

  • Raise awareness of non-motorised modes of travel, their use in solving urban transport problems and cost savings in health, amongst policy makers, professional groups and academics
  • Reduce the use of fossil fuel energy, reducing negative impacts on the environment and health
  • Raise awareness of the importance of customers who walk and cycle with shop owners
  • Change attitudes to a car reduced lifestyle, giving walking a more positive image
  • Increase awareness of the health benefits of active travel
  • Strengthen local economies, ensuring services remain close to where people live – an important consideration for ageing populations