1.) D7.11 - Final brochure
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2.) Video Clip on Public Space - Accessibility and Citizenship
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3.) Video Clip on Walking Busses - Haute Savoie, France
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4.) Invitation to final conference & training

Key lessons

The 3 main lessons learnt are:

1. Build partnerships from the beginning: Engage stakeholders at the planning stage to generate a strongers sense of ownership and mutual benefit, to give them time to consider new approaches and allow them to provide input to broaden the reach of the campaign.

„It is very important to contact all the relevant stakeholders from the very beginning of the project and set the roots of a fruitful collaboration. Their active involvement from the beginning will generate a sense of ownership leading to better coordination and more successful implementation of the planned activities. This, can also provide sustainability of the project’s goals and outcomes and further exploitation by the stakeholders.“ Partner ESC

„[Building partnerships from the beginning] was very important for the project in Aveiro. From the beginning there were made contacts with the Local Parishes, the Shopkeepers Association, the local Professional School, the Agency of Economic Development of the City Centre. All these partners became important later on in different phases of the project“ Partner Aveiro.

2. Build momentum: Engage the willing at first and aim to attract others with the subccess of early efforts or sense of social expectation. Stakeholders will join in the activity and recognise the benefits if everyone else is doing it, for example, shopowners on the same street or plaza.

„It is not easy to see far into the future, positive effects grow with time.“ Partner Koprivnica

3. Promote additional benefits: At the work challenges, participants enjoyed the broader networking opportunities to meet new business partners and customers, the friendly rivalry between companies to build morale and the time to foster better internal relationships.

„In convincing stakeholders don’t ask what you can do for active mobility but what active mobility can do for you“ Partner DIFU