1.) D7.11 - Final brochure
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2.) Video Clip on Public Space - Accessibility and Citizenship
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3.) Video Clip on Walking Busses - Haute Savoie, France
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4.) Invitation to final conference & training


Active Access was implemented through a variety of tailor-made activities by 11 project partners across 10 EU countries. All activities were centred around one or more of four approaches:

  • Walking and cycling to school
  • Walking and cycling to work
  • Walking and cycling to shops
  • Walking and cycling for leisure

To design and carry out these measures, all partners took part in the following core activities:

1. Conducting walking audits with local stakeholder in each implementation city/area. This was a simple, impressive and cost effective way of preparing the ground for Active Access activities and raising awareness of active travel.

2. Collecting and sharing best practice examples in the fields of walking and cycling to school, to work, to shops and for leisure. This provided partners with a wealth of effective arguments for active travel and supported planning and implementing measures.

3. Exchanging experiences first-hand between partners through an innovative process called ‚shadowing‘. This involved partners going on exchange visits between cities.

4. Training and stakeholder involvement which guaranteed capacity buildign and sustainability beyond the project.

5. Disseminating activities and results through customised marketing materials and engagement of local and national press.