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Walking and cycling to and at workplaces

As major trip generators, large workplaces will be key targets for certain Active Access application cities. Tartu, for example, plans a social mobility contest for employees of large organisations. In Annecy, awareness campaigns targeted at local trips for works’ business will be used to encourage staff to walk and cycle to nearby meetings and restaurants at lunchtimes. The long term post-project effect will be reduced car- and energy-use for these trips. Koprivnica also will focus on home to work trips. However, unlike in most home-to-work-trip projects, it is planned to focus mainly on health arguments in favour of walking and cycling; and to deal with trips for business purposes, as well as trips to and from work.

CHD-MS. Active Access activities in Murska Sobota, Slovenia

Walking and cycling to work

Safely by bike: During Mobility week in September 2011, CHD-MS, with the Department of Health, Murska Sobota and Police, organised the event "Safely by bike in Murska Sobota” at the Culture Square in Murska Sobota. 600 employees from 12 organisations took part in the event to encourage greater use of bicycles on the way to work. The Institute for Employment Murska Sobota earned the prize.

Results: participants want to do it again and liked meeting other business partners.

City of Koprivnica. Active Access activities in Koprivnica, Croatia

Walking and cycling to work

To Work without my Car was a campaign designed to raise awareness and to open discussions about company travel plans with companies in Koprivnica. Companies got involved in week long activities including competitions, breakfasts and putting in cycle racks. Participation was strongest where the top management were involved as well as supporting staff.

Company Travel Plans were drawn up for the municipal utility company and City Hall. Plans were developed and implemented in 2010 and 2011.

Results: In the first year of the campaign sustainable transport increased by 5%. The directors of an international company are now completing their travel plan.

Prioriterre. Active Access activities in Haute-Savoie, France

Walking and cycling to work

An inter-enterprise mobility challenge was organised with local organisation Geode and took place each June during 2010-2012. The objective was to have as many staff per enterprise travelling to work by bike, or on foot instead of cars and enterprises with the greatest number of participants were rewarded with a prize. The event included sponsored breakfasts, repair workshops, mobility advice and demonstration of bikes and e-bikes

Results: On the 2 campaigns in 2010 and 2011, 44 enterprises participated, 450 employees and more than 11 452 km were ridden by bike.
Recommendations: develop a website to log results and calculate energy savings, profile sponsors and help motivate people to continue

An inter-enterprise mobility plan was developed between a group of local enterprises following a mobility audit and began its implementation in 2010.

Results: The mobility initiatives established in the inter-enterprise mobility plan will continue beyond the life of the Active Access project.

HEMPS. Active Access activities in Harghita, Romania

Walking & cycling for work

A ‘Walk to work day was organised in 2010 in Miercurea Ciuc for employees of Harghita County Council to try walking and cycling to work for one day. As part of the event a bike ride to Csobotfalva village was organised, followed by a walk to the nearby woods where a speech was given about the project and trees were planted. In the afternoon there was a bicycle parade with local NGOs and the main street of Miercurea Ciuc was temporarily closed to car traffic.

Results: Approximately 80 employees participated in walk to work day, 200 people took part in the planting trees event and 800 people in the bicycle parade.
In 2011, a bicycle rental tent was set up in the central square of Miercurea Ciuc and at 3.00pm a procession of bicycles was held.