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2.) Video Clip on Public Space - Accessibility and Citizenship
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CHD-MS. Active Access activities in Murska Sobota, Slovenia

Walking and cycling to work

Safely by bike: During Mobility week in September 2011, CHD-MS, with the Department of Health, Murska Sobota and Police, organised the event "Safely by bike in Murska Sobota” at the Culture Square in Murska Sobota. 600 employees from 12 organisations took part in the event to encourage greater use of bicycles on the way to work. The Institute for Employment Murska Sobota earned the prize.

Results: participants want to do it again and liked meeting other business partners.

Walking and cycling to shop

Shopping on foot or by bike : was a campaign run for three months. Individual consultations and the media campaign encouraged 15 shop owners to join the project and give a coupon for those who walked or cycled to the markets. With at least 10 coupons customers received discounts when purchasing different products. At the end, a large event with media coverage was held to promote the concept and gain new participating members. Other activities supporting this campaign were:
Dr. Bike” - a free bike service for all those who had arrived to the event with their bicycles;
“Zmeri se, zvagaj se in nafči se” - Health check - measurement of risk factors
“Peški nasvet” - providing some useful information’s to citizens about waking and bicycle trails in Murska Sobota, including the walking map.
“Murska Sobota walking map” - represented the city centre in which are marked distances that can be done in 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes on foot.

Results: People reacted very positively to the campaign, though interestingly over half the respondents were from outside the city. The centre of Murska Sobota does not have a lot of shops so more shops and more attractive shops are needed for future success.

Walking and cycling to school

Film: Together to the school in an environmentally friendly way
Schools wanted a tool to increase awareness of parents, especially those who are driving their children to school by car. The film was presented at 5 primary schools. Around 500 parents and 100 teachers/principals have seen this film. It is also available on all five schools websites and on the CHD-MS website. The film includes the problem, good practice, expert comments and children.

Traffic Snake Game: was played by 966 pupils in the school years 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 across two primary schools and two kindergartens. The use of environmentally friendly modes of transportation by parents has increased in all primary schools and kindergartens both during and after the game. The share of parking near the school gate has decreased whilst the share of parking at least 200m from the school gate has increased, so at least parents have to walk a part way to the school with their children or children walk alone to school.