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City of Koprivnica. Active Access activities in Koprivnica, Croatia

Walking & cycling for shopping

An Active Shopping campaign was run with 32 shops inside the town centre and in shopping centres on the outskirts of town during which shops were asked to look at ways to improve facilities for their active shoppers. Shops were awarded with a certificate for participating.

Results: the campaign built on the positive image of walking and cycling, but customers did not express a lot of willingness to change their shopping/travel habits and shop owners were not very willing to invest in these modes due in part to the economic crisis.

Health Paths and Recreation Cycling Routes were established with the municipality equipping the routes with benches, water taps and resting places. The network of 4 paths was tested by different users through extensive walking audits and maps were printed and signs placed along the paths. They were promoted by the tourist authority, medical doctors, health organisations, health clubs and local sponsors. A network of cycling routes was created and promoted with regular cycling events and a map of cycling routes in the city and in the city’s environs.

Results: A local company wants to sponsor another walking path for the network and schools have included walks in their curriculum twice a year. Medical professionals and walkers’ clubs report a rise in the number of regular walkers for health. Improving and maintaining the paths is now part of the road works schedule and the cycling routes have seen an increasing number of cyclists both from Koprivnica and other cities and towns in the area.

Walking and cycling to work

To Work without my Car was a campaign designed to raise awareness and to open discussions about company travel plans with companies in Koprivnica. Companies got involved in week long activities including competitions, breakfasts and putting in cycle racks. Participation was strongest where the top management were involved as well as supporting staff.

Company Travel Plans were drawn up for the municipal utility company and City Hall. Plans were developed and implemented in 2010 and 2011.

Results: In the first year of the campaign sustainable transport increased by 5%. The directors of an international company are now completing their travel plan.

Walking and cycling to school

School Travel Plans were created for four primary schools and three secondary schools. After measuring the baseline modal split of trips, the school catchment and road safety challenges for each school were mapped. The improvements were presented to the local administration. Possible repairs and safety campaigns were established and 6 travel plans approved by school boards. The two annual campaigns in spring and autumn included activities like cycling lessons and walking school buses.

Results: All the schools achieved a decrease in trips by car of between 1 and 14%. Two schools achieved a substantial increase in cycling from 4 to10% and 6 to15% respectively. Walking increased in two schools by up to 4%.