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HCC. Active Access activities in Budapest, Hungary

Walking & cycling for shopping

Buy Local! campaign

The Hungarian Cyclists' Club started its campaign implementation in Zugló, a residential district of Budapest with a lot of small, traditional shops. Participating shops gave small stickers following each purchase to "players" – those who had travelled to the shop by bike or by foot. 18 stickers gained participants a gift and the opportunity to enter a prize draw where the main prize was a valuable voucher, issued by the Mayor of Zugló, t

Results. The campaign began in November 2010 with 70 participating shops. Shops profited from the competition and received publicity on the project’s website, with a subpage, special offers and ‘shop of the week’ column, on promotional materials and the media. Participants learnt the benefits of shopping locally and travelling by bike or by foot.

Buy Local picnics

In order to reach a greater number of people, HCC organised a second phase of the Buy Local! campaign which included Buy local! picnics in several districts of Budapest in the spring of 2012. These events were organised in busy spots on Saturdays in cooperation with local councils and traders who had small stalls to promote their shops. Passers by received tea, apples and their booklet for collecting stickers, but were also invited to play an interactive game demonstrating the time, petrol and money saved by active shopping as well as the number of calories burned.

Results: At the first the debut of “Buy local! picnic” 12 shops were involved in the first Buy local! picnic and approximately 400 people participated. 9 prizes (from local shops) for the people playing the interactive game and 90 energy saving bulbs (offered by the local municipality) were given away to participants.