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Prioriterre. Active Access activities in Haute-Savoie, France

Walking and cycling to work

An inter-enterprise mobility challenge was organised with local organisation Geode and took place each June during 2010-2012. The objective was to have as many staff per enterprise travelling to work by bike, or on foot instead of cars and enterprises with the greatest number of participants were rewarded with a prize. The event included sponsored breakfasts, repair workshops, mobility advice and demonstration of bikes and e-bikes.

Results: On the 2 campaigns in 2010 and 2011, 44 enterprises participated, 450 employees and more than 11 452 km were ridden by bike.

Recommendations: develop a website to log results and calculate energy savings, profile sponsors and help motivate people to continue

An inter-enterprise mobility plan was developed between a group of local enterprises following a mobility audit and began its implementation in 2010.

Results: The mobility initiatives established in the inter-enterprise mobility plan will continue beyond the life of the Active Access project.

Walking and cycling to school

An inter-school mobility challenge was organised to get as many parents and children (as well as teachers) coming by foot or bike to schools in June 2010, 2011, 2012 and September 2012. The winner was the school that had the higher percentage of persons that came without their cars and won a prize.

Results: In total 77 schools and 9125 people (adults and children) participated over 3 challenges with participation ranging between 75-100% of all pupils. With an average journey of 3km per participant, about 27,000 km were walked or ridden in the competitions.
Recommendations: a 1 day event attracts more participation than 2 days. A website to log the results and profile winners would be helpful.

Walking School Buses were developed in schools from different municipalities where groups of children walk together to school, accompanied by an adult picking up additional children at bus stops along a set route.

Results: there was great interest in the walking buses, but there continuation is dependent on committed volunteers.

Inter-school challenges

Watch video: WALKING BUSSES - Short version
Watch video: WALKING BUSSES - Long version

Walking and cycling for leisure

The Annecy International Triathalon provided an opportunity to promote active travel at an event where people are already interested in being active and to make transport for the event more active.

Results: Staff at the event travelled on foot or by bike or rollers between locations at the event