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2.) Video Clip on Public Space - Accessibility and Citizenship
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City of Aveiro. Active Access activities in Aveiro, Portugal

Walking to shops/for leisure

Walking maps

Two editions of a walking map of Aveiro city centre were produced. The first edition aimed to raise awareness among inhabitants and shopkeepers of the historical centre. The second edition was for all visitors and users of the city centre.
The aim of both maps was to demonstrate the ease with which people could travel between destinations in the city by foot, with the second edition showing concentric circles with the number of minutes it takes to walk between points in that area. Maps were distributed to every door in the intervention area with a letter to residents from the mayor and the second edition was available to visitors at the local tourist centre and to download for free from the project website http://ape.aveiro.pt
A third edition of the map is planned for 2012 in combination with a pedestrian “wayfinding” signage system (with walking distances in minutes) and a permanent display of the walking map in public space in collaboration with CENCYL network of cities.

Promotion of pedestrian map
Video of promotion of pedestrian map

International Seminars

The City on Foot, Aveiro 18th March 2010 - The benefits of walking for the urban vitality of a city were presented alongside information on the Active Access project and international best practice. The seminar was attended by 130 people including the Portuguese Secretary of State for Transport, local authority technicians, university staff, students and shop keepers. Several news items on the importance of walking were published in the local and national press.

Public Space – Accessibility and Citizenship, Aveiro 4th October 2011 - more than 100 participants and 10 presentations including about the AA project in Aveiro, and the AA project in Budapest by Kristina Papp. The seminar focussed more broadly on public space and accessibility as a means to attract more media attention.

Results: It was very important to involve local partnerships because this will assure the continuation of the future editions or other spin-outs (like tourist shopping maps with walking information). The novelty of walking maps steered national and regional media attention, which helped the involvement of politicians and shopkeepers.