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2.) Video Clip on Public Space - Accessibility and Citizenship
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3.) Video Clip on Walking Busses - Haute Savoie, France
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AER. Active Access activities in L’Alcudia, Spain

Walking & cycling to school

Safe routes to school were designed for four schools in l’Alcudia by pupils and their parents. The most popular routes were subjected to a walking audit with members of the school community, city council representatives, local police and the AER staff. Changes were made to the routes to maximise safety and were marked with temporary stickers to be replaced with permanent ceramic tiles.

Results: More than 90% of pupils participated in designing the routes which are now considered a permanent feature for each school.

Walking Bus pilot was organised along each of the four school routes during European Mobility Week in which children walked to school in a group with accompanying adults, picking up additional children along the route.

Results: Around 250 students and 50 more people (teachers, technicians, local police and authorities) took part in the pilot with the majority saying they would use the facility if it was a permanent service.

Health day was organised in four schools of l’Alcudia. Currently, the majority of the schools in the Valencian region take part in ‘fruit day’ where one day a week each student must bring fruit to eat in the break. The idea of the ‘health day’ was to join two initiatives: eating fruit and walking to school.