1.) D7.11 - Final brochure
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2.) Video Clip on Public Space - Accessibility and Citizenship
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4.) Invitation to final conference & training

City of Tartu. Active Access activities in Tartu, Estonia

Walking & cycling for leisure

Car free day. Tartu organised a car free day in 2009, 2010 and 2011 involving many events such as cycling to work, bicycle exercises for kids and adults, bicycles tours with politicians, free bike hire and auction and competitions. Important streets were closed for the day.

Results: Tartu built support for car-free day over the years through improving communication and expanding the network of partners involved in the campaign. This enabled the event to continue with minimum additional funding from Tartu. The street closed for the campaign has now been permanently made a two way street for cyclists.

Bicycle anti-theft campaign

Cycle-theft hot spots were identified using police data and anti-theft awareness raising posters were placed in these areas with the aim of reducing the crime and encouraging more people to cycle.

Results: In Tartu there were 63% less bicycle thefts in 2011 than in 2010.

Walking & cycling to school

Bicycle school and traffic safety training. A permanent bicycle school was established in Tartu to teach children how to cycle safely on the roads and information days were held in a number of schools in the city.

Walking & cycling for health

50+ on behalf of health was campaign aimed at the over 50’s encouraging them to take part in guided walks and generally improve their health through the take up of active travel.