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2.) Video Clip on Public Space - Accessibility and Citizenship
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4.) Invitation to final conference & training

HEMPS. Active Access activities in Harghita, Romania

Walking & cycling for work

A ‘Walk to work day was organised in 2010 in Miercurea Ciuc for employees of Harghita County Council to try walking and cycling to work for one day. As part of the event a bike ride to Csobotfalva village was organised, followed by a walk to the nearby woods where a speech was given about the project and trees were planted. In the afternoon there was a bicycle parade with local NGOs and the main street of Miercurea Ciuc was temporarily closed to car traffic.

Results: Approximately 80 employees participated in walk to work day, 200 people took part in the planting trees event and 800 people in the bicycle parade.
In 2011, a bicycle rental tent was set up in the central square of Miercurea Ciuc and at 3.00pm a procession of bicycles was held.

Walking & cycling for leisure

Earth day. HEMPS used Earth day to run a number of events including free bicycle renting in the centre of Miercurea Ciuc

Results: in 2012 twice as many participants in the bicycle rental scheme as the year before.

Photo & drawing competitions during mobility week were run in 2009, 2010 and 2011 in which participants from the country were asked to submit photographs related to active travel. Specific categories were reserved for school and kindergarten children. The photos and drawings were exhibited in the county council building and an award ceremony held.

Results: a great number of photos and drawings were submitted and the event created a great deal of media attention – 5 articles in the regional paper and 50 radio slots

Walking & cycling to school

The Traffic Snake Game was played in May 2011 at a small private kindergarten. It was the first Traffic Snake Game to be played in Harghita county and involved children, parents and teachers being rewarded with stickers to place on a snake banner for travelling to school by bike or by foot.

Results: After the game 25% more children went to kindergarten in an eco-friendly way than before the game.

Children’s Day in June 2011, provided the opportunity for HEMPS to run an Active Access tent where colouring books about sustainable transport were distributed to children and information on active travel shared with parents.