1.) D7.11 - Final brochure
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2.) Video Clip on Public Space - Accessibility and Citizenship
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3.) Video Clip on Walking Busses - Haute Savoie, France
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4.) Invitation to final conference & training

ESC. Active Access activities in Nicosia, Cyprus

Walking & Cycling for school

Cycling Club: In September 2010 the UNic Cycling Club at the University of Nicosia was launched with 60 members. The club is involved in the municipality’s activities, assisting in organisation and promotion of cycling tours and events and membership is increasing year by year.

Film Competition: Students attended an all day training seminar on film production and then produced their own films about sustainable travel. The two best groups won a 150 Euro voucher granted by the Ministry of Communications and Works.

Results: the children became active stakeholders in the process of making the film about transport, which will be used in other campaigns and programs

Poster Competition: At the University of Nicosia, the Graphic Design Department ran a class exercise to design a poster to promote cycling. Posters were displayed at the university and used for campaigns.

Eco-transport Fair: In April 2011 the first Eco-transport Fair where visitors had the chance to buy and sell new and used bicycles at discounted prices. Two seminars were organised on “Safety” & “Bike Sharing” in collaboration with the Police Traffic Department.

Results: It was a successful networking event and the University wants to include it in its Spring Festival.

Walking School Bus was organised at a local primary school. All participants attended a seminar on traffic safety and behaviour by the Police Traffic Department. Three routes were selected based on the children’s participation. Children did drawings, short essays, poems and songs about their experiences which were presented at a final event to the Minister of Education & Culture.

Results: The first day began with 17 children and over the next days increased to 40. More children wanted to join than could be accommodated and so parents volunteered to be involved. This activity was organised again in May 2012 and 45 children participated.

Traffic Snake Game was organised at the school with all classes. It was organised a week before and after the walking school bus in order to compare results